Gentle & Outrageous Transformation

You can't transform alone.

Just as the patterns that hold you back were wired within your earliest relationships, they only transform when met with care, reflection, attunement, and love.

I learned this from playing with over 20,000 children. I’ve played with children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Playing on mats, like puppies and kittens.

Why Play?

Play is the feeling of connection and it only arises when there is embodied heart-to-heart attunement. Play is joyful, spontaneous, and unpredictable. And it nurtures deep feelings of safety, worth, and trust.

Most profoundly, play nurtures our ability to step into the unknown. And to do so with a feeling of deep, unquestioned care and support.

In playing, I not only learned to attune to joy and delight, but also how to attune to feelings of fear and anxiety, sadness and rage, terror and despair. Just like in life, all feelings arise in play. Play is how we learn to live, how to connect, and how to thrive.

In essence, 20,000 children trained me how to heal adults.

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