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Supporting people who want more nourishing relationships.

Body-Centered Trauma Therapy • Embodied Relational Healing • Somatic Movement Therapy

About Quan Yin

In the Buddhist tradition, Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Healing. She is said to have a thousand arms that reach out to those of us who feel shattered and broken.

A Bodhisattva is someone whose heart is awakened and committed to the path of aiding all who need it, to alleviate suffering and come to the aid of all who need it.

Quan Yin is recognized for her healing powers and a genuine compassion that is without judgment and reflects the essential nature of love, care and connection that is innate to every human being.

Having taken the Bodhisattva Vow, I remain committed to supporting each person I meet and work with.

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To find out how I can support you to have more nourishing relationships, contact me for a complimentary 60 minute session at mfotto@mac.com or call 503-309-3142.

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Office Location

The Nourishing Communion House
215 NE 60th Avenue
Portland, OR 97213

phone # — 503-309-3142
email — mfotto@mac.com

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