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Supporting people who want more nourishing relationships.

Body-Centered Trauma Therapy • Embodied Relational Healing • Somatic Movement Therapy

How I Can Help You

I offer a unique and engaging process rooted in the practical, scientific knowledge of how relational healing works with personal guidance through actual embodied transformation. Having knowledge of the brain without the experience does not lead to full integration. Having healing experiences without the framework to understand what’s going on can make it difficult to stay with the many confusing aspects of the process. I offer you both the practical and personal. This gives you:

More Confidence—you trust yourself to handle the challenges in your life.

More Resiliency—you have more choice about how you respond to other’s behavior and feelings. Making you less likely to collapse, blow up, or shut down.

Ease of Relating—with your partner, your children or anyone you care deeply about; there is less tension and more joy.

The ability to Stay Fully Present with yourself and your own needs as you relate to others.

Benefit Others—your Wholeness allows you to genuinely care for and benefit those around you.

I've been deeply involved in learning how relational healing happens for over 20 years. I bring a unique blend of science, the actual understanding how our minds work relationally, and embodied experience of how this looks and feels in real life.

Through my work with thousands of people, adults and children, I've found that this combination of understanding what’s happening and having an
embodied experience of attunement is what leads to deep and lasting transformation and healing. The work I've done through attuned physical play with literally tens of thousands of children has helped me gain clarity on how childhood patterns of stress and disconnection create the patterns we live out as adults.

In applying this process to my own life I've learned
how to untangle and reweave these patterns in adults so they can return to the authentic and natural relatedness each of us is born with. I'm also fortunate to have personal mentorship and ongoing in-depth studies in Interpersonal Neurobiology with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD—one of the leaders in the field of personal transformation. I also have an MA in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University and am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. In addition I'm also a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist through my studies with Katy Bowman and have studied Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Todd Jackson, LMT.

My experience of exploring this process with thousands of adults and children has given me the confidence that healing can happen—that it is a natural process that unfolds of it’s own accord given the elements it needs. Presence, understanding, gentleness and genuine care.

How does the process of Embodied Relational Healing work?

Free initial consultation which gives you a chance to meet me, ask questions, and hear my individualized place for how I would work with you.

Twelve private 90 minute sessions over a period of three months. 90 minutes allows time for talking, experiential exploration and integration. I’ve found this the ideal length to establish a strong foundation for our work. I recommend meeting weekly as research has shown that during the re-wiring process, your nervous system stays open to change for about a week. The transformational re-wiring happens much more quickly when meeting weekly and slows significantly meeting less often. It’s an intensive schedule that is optimal for the process. I recommend three months as a minimum amount of time to discover and strengthen new ways of living.

Personalized practices to work with in your daily life. I get to know you and your story and give you practices precisely attuned to you.

Ongoing email support. I send you a brief summary of each session including instructions for personalized practices. I am also available to answer questions that arise between sessions through email or text or phone.

Written materials. I will recommend books and offer articles from our personal resources that pertain to exactly what’s going on for you in your life and in your relationship.

Your Investment

The process of embodied relational healing is for people who want to significantly transform and heal their relational challenges and are committed to doing so.

The cost for this program is
$120/ session or
$440/ if you pay monthly—($110/ session) or
$1200/ for three months—($100/ session).

This is an investment in your quality of life for years to come. And if money is an issue for you, still feel free to contact me, as I do maintain a limited number of sliding scale slots.

How to Get Started

If you want to feel you are moving forward in your life and relationships, I want to help you make that happen.

The best way to start is to contact me via email at
mfotto@mac.com or phone—503.309.3142—and schedule a free 60 minute initial consultation.

Are you ready to sign up now? Or do you have questions that you need to ask?

Please feel free to email me at
mfotto@mac.com or call me at 503-309-3142 and I will happily answer your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you. And may your transformation begin.

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Free Initial Consultation

To find out how I can support you to have more nourishing relationships, contact me for a complimentary 60 minute session at mfotto@mac.com or call 503-309-3142.

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The Nourishing Communion House
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phone # — 503-309-3142
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